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Following events can be found in my archive. In case that you are searching for Photos of this Tournaments or some Athlet, don´t hesitate to contact me!

IJF Grand Slam Tour:

Grand Slam Paris 2011

Grand Slam Paris 2012
Grand Slam Paris 2013
Grand Slam Paris 2014
Grand Slam Paris 2015
Grand Slam Paris 2016
Grand Slam Paris 2017

IJF Grand Prix Tour:

Grand Prix Rotterdam 2010
Grand Prix Düsseldorf 2010
Grand Prix Amsterdam 2011
Grand Prix Düsseldorf 2011
Grand Prix Düsseldorf 2012
Grand Prix Düsseldorf 2013
Grand Prix Düsseldorf 2014
Grand Prix Düsseldorf 2015
Grand Prix Düsseldorf 2016
Grand Prix Düsseldorf 2017


World Championships:

Grand Masters World Championships (Veteranen Weltmeisterschaft) 2011


EJU European Cups:

European Cup (Otto World Cup) Hamburg 2010
European Cup Sindelfingen 2013
Championships Clubs Hoofddorp 2014
European Cup Sindelfingen 2015
European Cup Saarbrücken 2016
European Cup Juniors Berlin 2016
European Cup Cadets Berlin 2016 European
European Cup Juniors Zagreb 2017
European Cup Saarbrücken 2017




Desweitern verschiedene Landes- und Gruppenmeisterschaften, Lehrgänge und Privatturniere.